Sticky Backed plastic

Our sticky-backed-plastic medium can almost take the same full resolution image as the two gloss stock papers so a very high quality image is achievable.

This medium is ideal for producing stickers, signs, advertising and display materials to go on windows, fridges, books, cars, machinery etc, etc.

Please remember, that the image is not on the "sticky" side, so the image is always "out". By that I mean that if you want a sticker to go on a window to be viewable from the outside, the sticker will have to be outside as well. If you want stickers that are going to be outdoors for a prolonged period of time we will have to add a laminate to them to protect them form the elements (a small extra charge applies).

The finished product comes on a hard, clear backing film which can easily be cut to size with a craft knife. If you want us to pre-cut the images for you, we are happy to oblige at a small extra charge.


You could have your company logo printed up and stick it to all your computers, printers, machinery and equipment (we can even include a serial number or bar code if required).

If you have an exhibition or conference coming up you could have stickers printed to go pretty much anywhere. Such as on your promotional material at a fraction of the cost of having the material printed conventionally, especially if you only require small numbers and the life of the product is expected to be limited.