Matt Art Stock

Out matt art stock will not take anything like the resolution of the full or semi-gloss papers. It is however extremely suitable for printing many of the art effects that we offer (click on products above and select art effects for the options). Especially the pastel and water-colour effects. As it is a matt surface it resembles a quality cartridge paper that would be used for painiting in these mediums.

Being matt, it is slightly susceptible to moisture and is prone to bubble a little in a frame. This is perfectly normal and no different to the cartridge papers used by artists.

As with the two gloss stock papers the matt needs to be conventionally framed (which I am afraid we don't currently offer), it is not really suitable for board mounting due to its absorbent qualities exlalined above. It can of course be framed in a commercially available clip frame (which we can supply) but these are obviously only available in fixed sizes. So we will have to print the image to the exact size of the frame. If you do go for the clip frame option, we can add border mounts and frames digitally to give the effect of a much more expensive mount. Please discuss this when placing your order.

Hanging: The finished print is mounted to the wall with conventional hook and wire.