High Gloss Photo Paper

Our high-gloss art stock (together with the semi-gloss) is by far the highest quality medium and will take the full resolution the printer can deliver to give full photo real prints but will show every blemish in an image so it is important to make sure the image is of good quality and you are not stretching the resolution too far, it is not nearly as forgiving as Canvas which with its natural grain can hide a multitude of sins.

The paper weight is 250gsm (to give you an idea, photocopy paper is usually about 80gsm) so is pretty thick and extremely stable.

The high-gloss stock needs to be conventionally framed (which I am afraid we don't currently offer) or board mounted (which we do). It can of course be framed in a commercially available clip frame (which we can supply) but these are obviously only available in fixed sizes. So we will have to print the image to the exact size of the frame. If you do go for the clip frame option, we can add borders digitally to give the effect of a much more expensive mount (see below). Please discuss this when placing your order.


             These images have had frames and borders added digitally