Backlight Film

The backlight film medium is a brand new product for us for April 2009.


The photo above shows a piece of backlight film partially covering a window to show the effect.


Basically, this is an opaque film that can hold a high resolution image and can be stuck to any smooth sheet of glass. It can be used to either completely or partially cover a window but still allow some light in so ensuring privacy in a stunningly attractive way.

The image can be anything you can imagine, one of your own favourite photos or one from our stock images. So instrad of looking out at that boring brick wall you could be looking at a beautiful woodland stream like the one above, a mountain view, anything. Temporary attachement (a day or so) is as simple as wetting the window and placing the film on it and wiping over with a dry cloth, it takes seconds. A more permanent solution would be to use baby oil or a spray adhesive.